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Full Version: Braided line strength capacity is half the rating
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I just received a 300M of 4 strand 60lb braided line from China, Since it was very thin in diameter, I tested it using my weights available at our condo Gym. Watch this video I took, which I also sent to the vendor. http://s223.photobucket.com/user/bassfig...c.mp4.html

Test 1(no video) : Line actually held at 30lb but without any sudden jerk added,
Test 2( w/ video): Line broke at 40lb weight, just by lifting it up.

Is this a fair way to test a line? I am assuming, the farther the weight(fish) on the line, the heavier the added stress to the knot on a line. Another theory, a sudden jerk or fish deciding to take off after resting would also add more stress to a line. By doing the dead lift weight test, it should have enough indication on the tensile strength on the line.

Since I complained about the over-rating on the line, I got the line for free, and money refunded in less than an hour to my paypal account.

The supplier might not know about quality, since they do not fish, But vendors in China have caught up with customer service, and they are prompt in fixing issues faster than Ebay.

If someone wanted to buy a 30lb rated braided line, buy 60 lb instead and you might be okay, the diameter was very thin as well, if it was rated 30lb.

I am contacting other supplier carrying 8 strand braided line, to express my concern about inferior line. Couple vendor guarantees to be stronger than 4 strand line.

Thanks for the heads up Josh, glad they took care of you and refunded the cost. I tried this stuff out last year and I'm sticking with Power Pro. The stuff I got from China was thicker than Power Pro for the same breaking strain. Low-diameter line is not only for capacity, it's for fishing in current.

150 yards for $15 dollars can't go wrong. Back with mono to save some money if you like. I bought a 300 yard spool of 20lb last year and I still have some left.
if you buy line not from china..you should be fine with their posted ratings....
If your looking for diameter - test ratio... i recommend the new Seagaur Smackdown.... just picked up some 40lb.... have yet to test.. .but boy is it thin!!! only issue i potentially see with it ... probably might be difficult to tie certain rigs/knots with seeing that its so smooth and thin
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