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Full Version: New reel.
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Hi all, well....I did it! Last evening(Feb4/16) I went into Canadian tire to look at two reels, a Mitchell 308 pro and a Abu Garcia ambassadeur 5500s. I have several older Mitchell 300s and a 300a but I do not have an ultralite. As far as the 5500 goes I have never owned round baitcaster before other than a few collectables that never get fished.So, in the end I walked out with my very first Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 6500 cs, priced out at....are ya sittin down?......now remember this is brand spankin new..........eighty five dollars and ninety nine cents. The reason? No box and no manual. The manual, I have already seen on the Abu Garcia site and the box, really is not a big deal. This young man at Canadian Tire worked a real great deal for me and I don't know him at all. I have his name and I will get him a Tim Hortons gift certificate for all his help, as he went out of his way and impressed me. Just thought I would share this with you guys and gals this morning. Your friend Trevor Calhoun.
Nice reel.

You certainly are loaded for the big-uns now.
Which CT location? Good CS is hard to come by now days, glad you were lucky and hats off to the young man that was helping you.
Nice reel indeed as OldTimer said.... There are still people out there that take their job of customer service to heart and even though it is disappearing you find them.
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