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Full Version: Where do you get your gear?
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I am looking for a Shimano Sienna 2500RD reel.
It seems like none of your usual stores carry it in stock.
So I am wondering where do you seasoned anglers get your gear from?
Canadian Tire is where I normally stop at, but getting what you want is not that easy, Bass Pro seems quite a bit more expensive and too far for me to go there just to leave the store without what I want.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
The best price I found for this reel was as at basspro online which I would order during free shipping period. But passpro seems tohave stop carrying and sail has it on clearance. I think it may soon be discontinued soon. Too bad I found it to be a good work horse reel. It was one reel that was the same price for all sizes from the manufactureer but CT seemed to sell the larger ones at a bigger price.
I also spoke to a co-worker and he suggested La Baron in Mississauga.

For anyone else that might be interested:

I will check them out today, but according to him the staff in this store are very knowledgeable.

Thank you for the link PUMP KNOWS
You can call the store and see if they have your reel in stock.
Here's a list of all the places I shop for any type of fishing gear from electronics to boating to rods reels and tackle:

Gagnon Sports
Bass Pro
Bass City
Le Baron
Central Outboard Marine
Canadian Tire
Tackle Warehouse (Online store)

Good luck on your search, I'm sure a few of these places will carry your reel. Le Baron typically has the cheapest prices for rods reels and tackle.
Great, thanks for the list.
I already got the reel from Sail, but do appreciate the info, being a newbie I'm still learning and can use all the tips I can get.
BTW, just a side note, I read a few reviews on Le Baron but didn't think much of it. So I called them to find out if they had my reel in stock. The employee went to check and came back informing me that they don't, but he didn't bother trying to offer another size or make and model.
So I called Sail in etobicko, he said they don't have the 2500, only 1000 and 4000. Which is when I started wondering if the other guys had any of these sizes.
Anyway, I called Woodbridge, they had it in stock and picked one up.
Nice reel, like it so far, tried it out on Thursday and not a single tangle.
Went to sail for the first time today. Why haven't I seem this store sooner? Definitely have some pretty good gear on sale and they carry a different selection than bass pro.
Yep, went in there for a $46 reel, left with a $120 bill, LOL
JB fishing depot and Pro J..
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