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Full Version: Shimano Siena 2500 @ CT
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My son needed a new reel so I happened to be browsing at CT today.

Got him the rod/reel combo for $35 + tax; The Reel alone usualy goes for more than this (usually $45).

I like this utility reel very robust.
You got a deal.

We have several of these Sienna reels in other sizes. They do the job.
My ultra light outfit is a Sienna 500FD on a 4.5' Berkley Cherrywood........... no complaints so far........
Ive had a sienna for about 4 yrs now and I love it! Actually on the weekend, I got myself a fathers day gift and just bought a new sienna 1000fe!
Cool! I have wanted a Sienna FE but have not come across one on special. They seem to bring them out when ice fishing picks up.

I had not noticed the FE until you brought it up wknd outdoorsman. Did a quick search and it seems the number of BBs has been reduced but bushes have been added maintaining the quality. Let us know how it works for you:

I'll keep you updated as this will be my go to reel for my lite/ ultra lite set up. One thing I did learn a couple of years ago is that the number of bearings does not always equal smoother reel and great performance. In 2014 I bought a quantum Re Axe combo as the reel said it had like 6+1 bearings. That reel was not smooth and the drag was choppy at best. I had a really old Shimano FX reel that felt soother.

Funny thing is, I went into the store to buy an Okuma Ceymar c10 but the sales man said dollar for dollar the Sienna was the more better choice , and it was a few dollars cheaper!
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