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Full Version: P-Line Shinsei Fluorocarbon Leader
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So on my most recent steelhead outing, I lost 6 fish within the first 10 seconds of hookup because of this leader brand and was less than pleased. Break offs happened clean on the line and had nothing to do with knots or abrasion. Does anyone else have experience with this? I used 4 lbs test, then switched to 6 lbs test and it still kept breaking until I switched over to Froghair brand leader material.

Anyway, the only reason why I got it was because a) I bought into fluorocarbon marketing, and b) this brand of fluorocarbon had rave reviews. I'm going back to Maxima Ultragreen mono regardless, I just want to know if someone else has used this product to share their opinion on it.
Never used this brand. I use Berkeley And seagaur with no issues.
Mono rules.



i used to only use berkley trilene xl...but since i've discovered Sunline....haven't looked back....all their products are amazing...from the mono to fc to braid ...
I used to use 4lb and 6lb Raven fluorocarbon, then I started using 4lb, 6lb and 8lb Maxima fluorocarbon, and now I'm using 4lb, 6lb and 8lb Blackbird fluorocarbon. The only time I lose a fish is when they run me into a log jam.

The other day, I had a knot mishap and there was only one loop left unwrapped on my uni knot (I suspect the teeth had nicked the line on the knot causing the other loops to break and unravel. But I did land the fish with only one loop securing the knot. MA can be the witness of this.

"When Ken's knot fail, they are still good enough to hold and land a steelhead" was his exact words.

The line was Blackbird 4lb fluorocarbon during the mishap.

I've concluded that it really doesn't matter. The other day, I was using Blackbird and Maxima interchangeably and I caught just as many fish with both and lost just as many fish with both to log jams...
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