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GTA carp fishing tips
03-15-2012, 01:36 AM
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GTA carp fishing tips
I was wondering if those of you who fish for carp could offer some tips, as I've been out numerous times last year and have gotten skunked (but seen others catch them, so I know they're there). Corn on hook or a hair rig? And would it be better leaving your spool open? If so, what is a good homemade bite indicator (I've been thinking of tying on some colourful string, seems the easiest). Would it be best going early morning, or is the bite good in the afternoon during the spring time?
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03-15-2012, 02:35 AM
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RE: GTA carp fishing tips
I'm not a carper, but for a cheap bit indicator the local tackle shop here sells clip-on jingle bells for your rod. Not sure how effective that is.

Ditto the question about leaving the spool open.

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03-15-2012, 01:19 PM
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RE: GTA carp fishing tips
I only used corn.. (kernel) before you throw your bait in the water where you wanted it, throw some loose corn around the area it attracts them.. what I do with my bait is I make a long string, about 6" make sure cover the hooks and try not to move alot because they can sense that your in the area... you can easily spook them... fishing carp is a waiting game... you have to have alot of patience..

hope this help
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03-15-2012, 02:18 PM
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RE: GTA carp fishing tips
I have found that bells and such tip top devices for strike indication are really a pain, and can tangle in your line at the most inopportune moments costing you time, line +, and maybe a fish.

I’m not a pro or expert “carper” by any means – but I do try it at least once or twice a year during the dog days– for the variety. Over time I’ve caught a few fair size carp (20 lbs +). I enjoy doing this with light tackle to make it much more of an “adventure”, and a great way to learn how to fight a big fish on light line. I think the light line also gets more strikes.

I use a small rectangular piece of Styrofoam for a strike indicator. Put a small shallow slice in it and place it on your line between the reel and the first guide on the rod. Then open the bail on your spinning reel so the fish will feel little resistance (the foam weighs almost zip). When you do get a strike – you will see the foam rise as line goes out - and then the foam will release from the line when it hits the first guide (good visual indicator in bright white). A short piece of light fishing line attached to the foam and tied to your rod holder or forked stick will save you losing it. In a strong wind I supplement this setup by pinching a very short loop of line just under the edge of an elastic band that’s wound on the rod shaft - to minimize line coiling off the reel. I actually learned these methods years ago, while still fishing roe-bags off the Owen Sound grain silos pier for Rainbow Trout and Splake.

I just use a sliding sinker set up with a #4 hook.

I have tried making and using a few of the recipes for bait. Yes they do work – but wow – way too much for me to use up, and it ends up in the garbage eventually.

Corn works, ……..corn with vanilla extract seems to work better for me. However, I find it hard to keep on my hook.

The simplest bait thing I’ve found (and I do like keeping things non-complex) that does work, is taking some fresh bread slices with me …………………. make a ball out of the middle of the slice (eat or discard the crusts – they will decompose) – wad it around the hook shaft – and then give it a shot of artificial vanilla extract for scent and flavour. Stays on pretty good once you get the knack of wadding it. Perfect = Bait and a wee snack too…………

<>< I once gave up fishing. It was the most terrifying weekend of my life. ><>

See you on the river.
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RE: GTA carp fishing tips
There are a couple of places where you can sight fish good sized Carp (20lb and up). TTP Carp gate (only on weekends), Queens Quay park west and the Toronto Island pond come to mind. I usually take the 11ft rod and stand a good 6-8 ft back from the waters edge. I have caught Carp on corn, cheese, micro nymph plastics, good old fashioned live worms and my favourite....tiny yellow cherry tomatoes with some slashes in them.

We are extremely lucky over here that we have trophy Carp that are not angler shy compared to stocked lakes in the UK where the fish have seen every trick in the book.

I highly recommend taking a look at this site for getting started info.

HammerCarp would be a good person to ask about "proper" Carping using packed baits that disperse on the bottom etc, if you are thinking of getting into it big time. I did make boilies one time to try it out, but to be honest the places I fish the Carp will just as likely take a piece of cheddar or a strip of hot dog. If I am fishing bait other than a plastic nymph or a streamer I usually go with a modified hair rig. I snell a small single salmon egg hook off the bottom of my #6 round hook and use it as a mount for my tomato or corn. ( Ontario Hair Rig? )
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03-15-2012, 08:01 PM
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RE: GTA carp fishing tips
Thanks for the tips (the styrofoam idea is pretty clever). I was wondering if anyone has ever baited an area before, and how much and over how much of a period would I need to be dumping corn.
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